I’m not sure where I came from, but it appears that I’ve arrived

I must be a traveling Garden Gnome - oh yippie what a nice surprise

Now it’s your turn to keep me alive, all fresh and new,

Who’s yard I visit next will all be up to you.

George is our traveling gnome..... going from home to home in our neighborhood. below is his description and "rules"
George guidelines:

This is a “game” of neighborly fun & intrigue.

He may live with you for a bit enjoying your yard, but don’t

let me get bored.   Pass him on to another neighbor after a

while - making sure it is one who will appreciate him. Please

don’t send him to a house of someone you don’t know.

"He got lost last time that happened."


If he shows up in your yard, and you prefer to not

partake, can you please stick him in the front yard of

16852 Greenview  Lane.


George has a "closet" (suitcase) that travels with him to keep all his outfits together.  Please send his ‘closet’ with him when he goes to the next house.

Use what he has or add to it to keep him “fresh and new”, a new wardrobe is always nifty.


Have yourself a Meadowlarky day.


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